Live Events



Nov 2013

AVCJ Equity and Venture Capital Summit - Hong Kong hosted by Incisive Media Hong Kong will be publishin their own dedicated LoudCrowd Mobile App to allow their 800 strong investors, attendees & speakers to network, personalise agendas, submit questions, vote in audience polling, fill their digital show bags with ebrochures from exhibitors and presentations from speakers.


Oct 2013

WrB USA 2013 - Philadelphia hosted by Clarion Events will allow the 400 strong delegates to network and arrange meetings to maximise their productivity at the event.


Oct 2013

EiG 2013 - Barcelona hosted by Clarion Events is using SpotiD's LoudCrowd platfrom to allow 1200+ delegates, sponsors, speakers & exhibitors to network well before the event to arrange meetings. Onsite they will use the mobile app to continue networking, voting in audience polls, voting for thier favourite startup in the LaunchPad sessions.


Oct 2013

Cover Protection Forum 2013 hosted by Incisive Media will be using SpotiD's LoudCrowd to allow the audience to vote on topical questions for panel discussion.


Sep 2013

SAP EMEA Technical Presales Training was the inaugural user of our new LoudCrowd Challenge iPad Application with inbuilt gamification to encourage & reward participation. Virtual training event with 50 employees across EMEA.


Apr 2013

GiGse 2013 - San Francisco hosted by Clarion Events is one of the leading gaming events in the US. The 650 delegates networked before the event, exchanging messages, introductions and arranging meetings. Onsite they continued their networking, receiving alerts & voting for their favourite start-up duing the pitch & win sessions.


Nov 2012

ERTC 2012 - Vienna hosted by Incisive Media is the flagship event for The Global Technology Forum. Over 1000 delegate and exhibitors used LoudCrowd app to network, arrange meetings, share collateral, vote and submit questions.


Oct 2012

EiG 2012 - Barcelona hosted by Clarion Events is one of the leading online gaming events in Europe. Over 1200 paying delegates had access to SpotiD's LoudCrowd platform to pre-network before the event online and continue that via their mobile app onsite.


Sep 2012

Family Office Law Forum 2012 - London hosted by Incisive Media used SpotiD for live audience polling and question submission, as well as onsite delegate networking.


June 2012

CityFair 2012 - London hosted by the Eurpean Tavel Operators Association brings together a hosted/buyer event with over 600 delegates representing tour operators & hoteliers across Europe. With personalised meeting schedules and the ability to exchange business cards fill digital showbags meant that travelling delegates did not have to take with them piles of brochures on the plane.


June 2012

The SAP UK Technology Forum 2012 invites the technology minded SAP customers to see the launch of new SAP technologies. SpotiD's LoudCrowd was used to allow the audience to rate/rank sessions, submit questions to the panel and vote on the launch pad of best new product.


Apr 2012

A leading Gaming/Gambling event in San Francisco, hosted by Clarion Events, was the first user of SpotiD's new LoudCrowd App for iphone & Android users to complement the existing SpotiD platform for pre-networking and meeting scheduling.


Apr 2012

SAP UK User Forum 2012 organised by Grass Roots Group and recommended the use of SpotiD to allow SAP customer delegates to interact with the speaker/moderator duing panel sessions, rate speakers & sessions.


Jan 2012

´╗┐The worlds leading Gaming event. Approx 50,000 visitors, 450 exhibitors and 800 conference delegates. SpotiD was used to allow the audience to network, vote, send questions to speakers, and fill their digital show bags.


Nov 2011

The Global Technology Forum's annual ERTC event in Barcelona is run by Incisive Media. In excess of 800 delegates and 70 exhibitors used SpotiD's mobile technology to arrange meetings, exchange digital business cards, vote and send questions to the speaker across 3 different streams.


July 2011

SpotiD were proud sponsors of the Incisive Media annual employee conference. The Incisive Media team heard from thought leaders about Live Event innovations and SpotiD was participated to to allow the audience vote in real-time from their mobiles.


July 2011 During the SAP Utilities/Energy conference, this audience were able to participate in real-time voting and sending questions to the speakers/panel from their mobiles. Our client created their own front end charting solution using SAP Xcelsius to display the results and plugged it onto the front of the SpotiD system.
June 2011 For the one day City Fair event all of the delegates received a virtual showbag filled with collateral from the exhibitors they were scheduled to meet. Good for the environment. Convenient for the delegates. Great lead tracking for the exhibitors.
June 2011 SpotiD were invited to participate in an Audience Response Trial to allow the audience to vote on a series of questions, fill in a survey and rank speakers after each session.
May 2011 For 2 weeks leading up to their GiGSE event in San Francisco, Clarion made available SpotiD's secure delegate networking services to allow delegates to arrange their own meetings with other delegates whilst keeping their contact details private.
May 2011 Information Retention & eDisclosure Summit used SpotiD's innovative & secure Delegate Networking an broadcast services
May 2011 Share Services Network used SpotiD for Audience Voting, Q&A and Delegate reminders throughout this 3 day event in Amsterdam.
May 2011 At a recent networking/BBQ event, ExCeL London didn't want their delegates to carry around a handful of exhibitor brochures, so SpotiD provided Virtual ShowBags. Delegates used their mobiles to choose which brochures to fill their bag with.
Apr 2011 Clarion again used SpotiD for their World Gambling Briefing event in Malta to allow the audience to send their anonymous questions to the speaker providing some stimulating Q&A sessions.
Apr 2011 IQPC run a series of B2B conferences and used SpotiD for Audience Response Voting & question submission as well as an innovative Delegate Networking and reminder service for their Process Excellence Event at the Brewery, London.
Feb 2011 SpotiD is providing a post sales kick-off event voting service for an International food retailer to allow their sales & channel reps to silently and conveniently vote for their preferred Sales Achievement Award Trip destinations.  
Feb 2011 At a recent ETOA event in Brussels, Delegates were able to request meetings with each other using their mobile, but without knowing their contact details. SpotiD kept those contact details private whilst connecting delegates for a more productive day.
Jan 2011 SpotiD has been selected by Clarion Gaming Conferences to assist with Audience Engagement for the ICE Gaming Conference, UK. 25 - 27 Jan 2011.
Nov 2010 SpotiD voted one of the 3 best Mobile startup ideas at the Launch48 Mobile Startup weekend. A new audience crowd-sourcing mobile app, born at this event will be added to the SpotEvents Portfolio early in 2011. Watch this space.
Nov 2010 ETOA chooses SpotEvents again for their GEM10 event at Wembley Stadium. In excess of 600 delegates attended a buyer-meet-supplier day with over 4000 pre-arranged meetings. SpotEvents streamlined the organiser-to-delegate  communications with meeting reminders, meeting cancellation alerts and delegate networking. 
Nov 2010

KetchumPleon chooses SpotEvents again for their client Oracle UK, to use on Stand at the Careers & Recruitment Show. Students could request brochures & mobile video of 'Life working at Oracle'.

Oct 2010

SpotEvent releases an enhancement to allow Event organisers to embed live voting result charts into their own websites to aid theming/styling for Events.


Oct 2010

In the first of several upcoming events in the wind down for 2010, "247 Real Media" have engaged SpotID to deliver a Real-Time Audience Response voting solution for their Digital 10 Summit based in UK then again in France in November.


Sep 2010

European Tour Operators Association used SpotEvents at their Olympics 2012 Briefing to allow delegates to submit event feedback and fast register for upcoming events on the ETOA calendar.


Sep 2010

Euromoney Conferences uses SpotEvents at their Sterling Conference in London. Live Audience Response for real-time voting and submitting questions to the expert panel.


July 2010

The Farnborough International Airshow allows trade show visitors to simply request exhibitor collateral/brochures using SpotEventsTM eliminating the need to lug brochures around. 


July 2010

Accenture jumped at the opportunity to use SpotiD for their billboards, program guide and onsite advertising at the Farnborough Air Show, after recognising the potential to offer a digital call-to-action for their offline advertising.


July 2010

The Event & Exhibiting Show uses SpotEventsTM at the Exhibition and Conference Sesssions to showcase innovation for Live Events.


June 2010

Ketchum Pleon chooses SpotiD for use at Oracle Conference on June 22


April 2010 Networking Event - be2campeast uses SpotiD to help visitors 'Check-In' and provide comments during the event. 

April 2010

Event & Exhibiting Show July 16-17 chooses SpotiD for Mobile Marketing for Exhibitors


Feb 2010

Farnborough International Airshow selects SpotiD for Mobile Marketing for Exhibitors.


Nov 2009

SpotiD trials Live Event Solution at Oracle User Group Conference



Your Challenge

Delegates are becoming more comfortable with technology in their every day lives. 
Mobile phones are being increasingly used by businesses for timely and relevant communications with customers, but not using traditional voice. Many mobile phone users, use sms, mms, email, twitter, facebook, instant messaging, skype, bluetooth, cameras, video as well as voice. 
So how can an event organiser capitalise the opportunity to  interact with delegates on their mobile phones to enhance their experience? 
Here are some opportunities that using delegate’s mobile phones could help you achieve:
  • getting instant session & event feedback
  • audience participation with real-time polling/voting
  • help delegates to remember specific exhibitors and speakers (to get their contact details electronically)
  • increase event registration, increase visitor numbers
  • help delegates to spread-the-word with their colleagues and friends
  • help exhibitors ‘be green’ and not hand out so many brochures/pamphlets but still have their message remembered
  • increase the number of qualified leads for exhibitors
  • offering exhibitors the opportunity to reach out to delegates (who want to hear from them) during the event

The Solution

With SpotEventsTM, you can use your existing booth/exhibitor numbers/names (we call these, Spots) that are promoted in the show guide, in exhibitor advertisements, flyers, brochures and sponsor promotions. The SpotEventsTM  Suite contains two products SpotExpoTM and SpotConfTM tailored for exhibitions and conferences respectively.
Delegates, curious about an Exhibitor or Speaker, use their own mobile phone to request their Spot using SMS, Email, Twitter, Instant Messaging, Camera, Facebook or via our Mobile Web site. SMS's only costs a normal text message rate. The exhibitor is then bookmarked. Our patent pending auto-responder returns the exhibitor’s interactive digital response immediately to the visitors phone & email.  
  • Delegates are comfortable using SpotEventsTM because:
  • It is FREE for them to receive information
  • They can bookmark exhibitors, speakers, sessions and   products that capture their attention so they can be reminded to return, or visit the exhibitor online after the show.
  • They can provide quick and immediate feedback and participate in sessions anonymously.
Using SpotEventsTM, visitors can receive that show guide information immediately along with any marketing information via any mobile channel. The visitor is more likely to research those links later at their convenience than they would having been given a brochure...and they have registered their curiosity to learn more - a warm lead. Post show, the visitor can see a list of all the exhibitors (in their free online account) they have tagged for followup themselves or sharing with colleagues.
With the SpotEventsTM multi-channel auto-responder, exhibitors can customise their own responses themselves online. Capitalise on the visitor’s temporary curiosity while he/she is interested in the exhibitor. 
SpotEvents Video for Trade Shows & Exhibitions
SpotEvents Video for Conferences & Seminars
SpotEvents Video for B2B Meeting & Networking Events
Real Exhibitor Ideas and Artwork being used at upcoming Exhibitions....
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