Restaurants and cafes promote themselves in many different ways in the search for new customers. Common techniques are:

  • printed local dining guides,
  • websites & review sites,
  • sign boards,
  • restaurant window displays,
  • at exhibitions/fairs/markets,
  • advertise in the local news papers,
  • magazines,
  • direct mail with brochures/leaflets,
  • take away menus,   

But how many potential diners, see that promotion, tell themselves they must remember that place or special, and then forget about it?

With SpotiD they can request the restaurant's Spot using their mobile and get all your contact details, including any of your special offers, reviews or other information direct to their mobile phone. Then they can add the details to their contacts book, and look up the restaurant's website later.

How it works:

  • Create an account here. Choose your unique restaurant Spot and include any response you like. Include it with every promotional campaign you do. 
  • Diners request your Spot for free using their mobile via SMS, Email, Twitter, Instant Messenger or Camera.
  • They receive your restaurant's details on their mobile, including a link to your website and any special offers and information.

Why Restaurateurs love SpotiD

  • Our basic service is FREE. Free to set up and maintain. Free messages.
  • Simple low monthly subscription should you wish to personalise the responses to include special offers, daily specials, menus, etc 
  • SpotiD makes it easy for passersby to remember your name and come back another time, especially if you include a special offer.
  • Diners can make an easy recommendation to their friends via SpotiD – just forward their response. 
  • Diners can make a request from their mobile any time, night or day, even when you're closed.
  • It's easy and quick to update special offers online.

Try SpotiD now. Call us on 020 8133 8801.