Rewards Program

*Not implemented in this Beta yet. Coming in a future version! Just seeking feedback from you now, since this will benefit you!

Be Rewarded!

With the SpotiD Rewards Program, receive reward points for sharing selected favourite Spots with your friends.

How does the Program Work?

It's a simple referral program like any other traditional business that we feel should reward customers for referrals.

  1. SpotiD will reward you for what you do naturally anyway with friends. As well as just telling your friends about a great cafe, restaurant, shop, etc, use SpotiD to allow them to get specific contact/address details so they don't forget.
  2. If your friends are curious enough to learn more about the business you have recommended to them, they might send the Spot to us too. If they do this, you will earn reward points for that business.
  3. When you have achieved your minimum referral awards points for a Spot, you can claim a redemption voucher from us that you can redeem with that business. You can not redeem a voucher to use with any business in the SpotiD network. The voucher is valid only for the business that you have been recommending. So it is in your best interests to recommend only businesses you like.

You earn special 'Sign-Up' bonus points if you recommend SpotiD to a small business and have them sign up to a fee paying SpotiD service. See below.

Simple Recommendation Tools

You can share your Spots in a number of ways:

  • You can do it online from your SpotiD Favourites list. Just select one of your favourite keywords and choose which friends you want to share it with. SpotiD will drop your keyword into their SpotiD Inbox for them to check out. We'll send them an email, sms, twitter or IM message to notify them that you have shared a Spot with them with your personal note attached.
  • Add our SpotiD Facebook Applet to your Facebook profile/account. While using Facebook, you will have access to your SpotiD Favourite Keywords. Use our applet to share your selected keywords with specific it on their wall!
  • Use Twitter or IM to refer your Spot. With Twitter, send a direct message to @Spotid with the Spot you wish to share and the @TwitterID of your friend along with a short message. We will send a private Direct message to them. So your request might look like:

D SpotiD pizzaheaven @Bobby Hey Bob check out this Spot I found. Makes great wood fired organic pizzas....with a free beer!

Alternatively, you can create a shortened URL to your recommended Spot, via the SpotiD site that will allow your followers to follow the link and earn reward points for you. It might look very natural, something like:

@Bob Hey Bob, check out this fantastic pizza place I found in NYC
You can use your mobile phone.

Send an SMS with 'share #spot with #mobilenumber note #note' to 60365 (or +44 7781 474817 exUK)
is the Spot you want to share with your friend
is the mobile number of the friend you want to share the Spot with
is a short recommendation note from you to them

eg. 'share pizzaheaven with 44555555555 note Hey Bob check out this Spot I found. Makes great wood fired organic pizzas' to 60365.

Send an Email with 'share #spot with #email' to
is the Spot you want to share with your friend (goes in the subject field)
is the email address of the friend you want to share the Spot with. (goes in the subject field)
is a note in the email body that will be forwarded to your friend. (goes in the body)

We'll send it directly to your friend and register your referal automatically.

Subject: share pizzaheaven with
Hey Bob, check out this Spot I found. Makes great wood fired pizzas and they serve it with a free beer!'.

Alternatively you could send an email directly to your friend with the Spot embedded as a link:

Subject: Great Pizza Place
Hey Bob, check out this Spot I found. Makes great wood fired pizzas and they serve it with a free beer!
If you follow this link, you can get a one-time 50% off voucher to go try them out....and you don't even need to tell them who you are or register with them.

Sign Up Bonus

You receive bonus award points for recommending SpotiD to a small business. If you know someone who runs a small business or works in a business that you feel could benefit from SpotiD, you can register a new Spot for them on their behalf with a trial response. You can do this from your phone or our website.

If your proposed keyword is accepted by the business and they sign up with SpotiD and buy Top-Up credits to send their response out to curious consumers, you earn special bonus points for referring us.

Once your business referee's account is active, you can share their Spot with your friends, recommending to them to checkout this business that you like. If they are curious about your recommendation you earn reward points.

However, you don't earn reward points if your friends share your new business keyword with their friends. They earn those points. They are doing the work, not you. It's purely a referral plan, not a multi-level marketing operation.

Redeem your Reward

Your reward points are tallied against each Spot you share, not a generic pool of reward points. Once you have achieved the required minimum reward points for that Spot, you can redeem a SpotiD voucher to spend with that business only. SpotiD will issue a redemption voucher to you with a unique code. The business that owns the Spot has already agreed to accept SpotiD Rewards Vouchers (they did this when they signed up). They may verify your redemption voucher/coupon onsite.

Monitor your Rewards in Real time

On your 'Shared Spots' page of your account, you will see a list of Spots that you have shared, along with a running tally of the number of friends:

  • you have shared your Spot with. ( you can drill down to see who they are)
  • that were curious enough to try your recommended Spot
  • have opted-in/subscribed to that shared Spot
  • the total rewards points for that Spot, and what the minimum reward points required to redeem a voucher.